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Inspired by  The New Yorker  article  Mysterious Circumstances: The Strange Death of a Sherlock Holmes Fanatic  by  David Grann , the play centers around the true story of the mysterious death of Richard Lancelyn Green, the world’s foremost scholar on Sherlock Holmes. After spending two decades searching for the missing papers of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Green came close to unlocking the secrets behind Holmes’ creator when he tracked down an elusive box containing these documents.
But after the passing of Conan Doyle’s youngest heir, the papers were divided and put up for auction by distant relatives. Determined not to let them disappear, Green led a very public campaign to keep these papers out of the hands of private collectors. As the campaign wore on, Green began hinting to his closest friends and family that he was receiving threats and being followed. What happened next remains a mystery to this day.
What is fact and what is fiction? With multiple suspects and competing motives, Green’s death raises questions that may be answered only by Homes himself.  Mysterious Circumstances  uses breathtaking theatricality and magic to uncover the mystery behind this true crime, featuring Emmy nominee  Alan Tudyk   (Spamalot, Firefly, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story)  as Richard Lancelyn Green & Sherlock Holmes.

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